AP Council: Behind the Scenes of AP

Listening to AP Advocates from College Board and eating pizza, AP Council officers participate in a meeting. (Photo By Clara Beuoy)

By Clara Beuoy 

Whether it’s starting a fundraiser to pay for students’ AP exams or deciding what’s best for the common good of the AP classes as a whole, AP Council strives to make the AP experience better overall. The AP Council representatives, chosen by their AP teachers, come together every meeting to develop ideas to promote awareness of the benefits of taking AP classes.

“We represent and create awareness for the AP classes by providing ways in which they can receive help,” senior Fletcher Archibald said. “We promote the advantages to them as opposed to taking on-level classes.”

AP Council has impacted the members by giving them a place to work together and become close with their classmates. These bonds have blossomed friendships and created a small community.

“When we first started having meetings, I just immediately felt at home with this group of peers,” sophomore Halle Kimnach said. “We all became friends really quickly through AP Council. I honestly love spending time making new ideas and promoting our club.”

The AP council representatives also appreciate the opportunities they’ve been given. To be chosen to be a representative is a great responsibility, which includes the decision making of what to do with the funding for AP Council. This includes paying for AP exams for students who can’t afford it and coming up with fundraising ideas to pay for those tests.

“It’s so much fun to be an officer in AP Council,” sophomore JC Eyler said. “This whole experience of being a representative has been such an honor as well.”

To receive updates from AP Council, follow their Twitter https://twitter.com/RMAPCouncil.