The Scientific Method to Success

      On Feb. 6-8, students showcased their science projects. Walking through the scientific method, students across all grades came up with a project. On Feb 8. science fair awards were given out. Gold, silver and bronze awards were given out based on board and interview judging scores. Judging is one of the most important parts of science fair as students receive feedback on their projects and can talk about what they worked on.

    To many, presenting work and competing is enjoyable. It looks great on resumes and can motivate a student to challenge themselves.

    “Competing can be stressful but winning becomes more rewarding,” sophomore and bronze medalist Steven Brooks said. “It pushes me to be the best student I can be academically.”

     For more information about the science fair, visit the science fair page

(Video Produced and Edited by Nolan Slough/RMTV)