Girl Up: Making a Difference in Girls Lives

Representing GirlUp during Freshman Preview Night, club members inform incoming students and their families about all the club has to offer on Feb. 6. (Photo Courtesy of GirlUp RM)

Room 244 is invigorated by empowering discussions of change and hope-filled smiles during Girl Up meetings. Girl Up, a brand new club this year, gives their members the tools they need to start a movement for change. Funded by the United Nations Foundation, the club finally made its way to Red Mountain with help of senior Ilse Rodriguez, the club president. Their mission: to make a difference in the lives of girls all around the world.

“Rather than complaining about an issue, I’ve always been a firm believer of going out to find a solution,” Rodriguez said.

The club’s mission is to help solve issues pertaining to girls who have disadvantages and help them achieve their dreams. Most recently they raised money through a goat yoga class to help girls in Uganda get an education. Rodriguez says the club has given her confidence to pursue her passion of leading future generations.

Posing in a pyramid structure, Girl Up members try yoga with goats standing on their backs on Dec. 15. (Photo Courtesy of GirlUP RM)

“This club has impacted me in many ways,” junior Isabelle Clem said. “It’s given me a new group of friends. We’re also able to make a difference in the community.”

Girl Up has an effect not only on campus but around the world. Many girls have new flourishing friendships after joining.

“I am excited to see the passion and excitement the club members bring to this international movement toward equality,” Ms. Cupryk said. 

This club is something to keep an eye on. Girl Up meets every Thurs. at lunch in Room 244. For more information, visit Girl Up’s twitter page or talk to Ms. Cupryk in Room 244.