Clubs Out of the Spotlight

Focusing on their work, Model UN members study and prepare to represent their country of China.
Studying, learning to drive, working and applying to colleges can make high school overwhelming. Clubs are a way for students to escape the stress. Red Mountain offers numerous club opportunities for students, and the majority of them receive the attention and recognition that they deserve. However, there are several clubs that go under the radar and unfortunately get almost no acknowledgement. Many of the clubs on campus bring gratifaction, serve as learning opportunities and can even unlock a passion.

Model UN, sponsored by Mr. Brimhall, focuses on real world issues from different perspectives. The club holds conferences where the students represent different countries from around the world, and perform in the debate from their country’s perspective. For some, joining the Model UN just means that they will have an impressive transcript, yet for the majority of the participants, Model UN is an opportunity to understand the world and see beyond their own country.

“Most of us, because we’re busy people, don’t always consider what’s going on in the outside world,” Mr. Brimhall said. “It’s not that people are just willfully ignorant, it’s just we—live in our own neighborhood so to speak.”

By participating in Model UN, one is able to have their eyes open and can see the world in a broader light. The club teaches more than just debate and research from other viewpoints— Model UN also teaches teamwork. As a major part of the debate competitions is to work with other countries in order to come to a conclusion on the topic. The diplomacy that is required of the students teaches them that big problems take long periods of time to resolve, and as a result of this the students need to work together to reach that solution. It allows students to experience other cultures and perspectives of several different nations.

The opportunity to learn about other cultures and people is not just limited to just Model UN, as Red Mountain also features Anime Club. The Anime Club, sponsored by Mr. Egan, centers around discussing and critiquing the Anime artstyle. Several students on campus have shown interest in art and drawing, and Anime Club is one of the many ways for students to express their creativity. Anime Club helps one to expand their knowledge of Japanese culture and language.

“Students join to share a common interest in Japanese culture and anime,” Mr. Egan said. “Joining Anime Club will expand your knowledge of Japanese culture, anime, and art. We also have students teaching others to read and speak Japanese.”

For those who are interested in art or anime, the Anime Club is a great way to not only expand your knowledge on the artform, but also to just have a place to relax, meet new people, and explore the many different anime productions. The Anime Club also has fun participating in Red Mountain’s festivities, so much so that one year at Tailgate, the club participants drew caricatures for the children attending. Anime Club meets every Monday in room 809 during lunch. For those who join, they not only delve in the opportunity to explore their creativity, but they also become part of a family of students that they can explore with.

Red Mountain’s Future Farmers of America Club (FFA), sponsored by Ms. St. John, focuses on developing students’ potential and career success through agricultural education. FFA teaches students valuable agricultural skills ranging from taking care of animals to growing successful crops. The club does not solely focus of farming, as the students participate in numerous hours of community service not just on campus but around the Valley. The club does regular volunteer work for the Mountain Bridge Housing Community.

“FFA works all of their holiday events doing the set up, work and also the tear down,” Ms. St. John states. “We also do other things such as a monthly service project which can include things like Feed My Starving Children, dog shelters, livestock boarding facilities and more.”

The wonderful services the students perform for the community forms a small family between FFA members. Students can feel lost sometimes, and FFA is available on campus to provide a place to belong. Many students join the club for the experiences, but they end up with open doors to many different fields ranging from farming to fashion. Students can get something more than just open doors and experiences; they get to join a family. FFA focuses on farming and animal care skills, but under the surface there is a family that learns, grows  and communicates together.

Red Mountain offers many club opportunities for students, and though some may be larger than others, every club on campus can make a difference on a student’s life. Students on campus can find a club that can not only help them with their career paths, but also make them feel safe and welcome; sometimes they just need to look beyond the spotlight.