Breaking Baskets: Girls Basketball

Blocking a shot against another player, senior Jenna DeMassa plays hard at home on Jan. 21.

Girls basketball started their year off with a new head coach and have worked intensely to prepare for their games. The team went strong all season and had a ten win streak. The new head coach and a former graduate of Red Mountain, Jeffrey Kain, got to experience hard work with amazing athletes and helped them all grow together.   

   “I’ve been a head coach before so I knew what it entailed,” Coach Kain said. “I was kind of excited to [move up] since I knew all the girls and got to work with them [before].”

     The girls describe their team as a family, they all work together as one to be the best that they can be. Being on any team helps to develop new friendships. All the players have a different kind of bond where they know each other on the court and in the classroom.

     “I have a really great bond with the girls,” senior Braelyn Garcia said. “I felt kind of weird going in because I was new, but after some time I grew used to them. They are really nice and we have a really great bond.”

    Basketball has a lot more to the game then it might seem. With a lot of things it looks easier than it is, they are not just thinking about what their next play is going to be, but what they are going to do after that play and what it is going to affect overall.

     “Basketball has more to it than just skill,” junior Destiny Duncan said. “It has timing, thinking about what move is next and reacting to different scenarios that come across during the game. It’s like a chess game you are playing trying to outsmart the other players.”

    Having a strong team with an amazing coach led to a great season. Playing on the team not only taught them how to win but how also to work together and play as a unit.

    “I think of losses as more learning experiences,” coach Kain said. “I take every loss as a way we can try to find a way to get better. I try to find the positive in it.”

     Girls 2018-19 basketball team had an amazing season just like all their others. Even getting new coach didn’t stop them from trying their hardest but made them stronger as a team. To see their standings, go to the Red Mountain Athletics page at:

(Photo by Aidan Current)