Charity Dance Force Concert

Dance Force choreographed and performed at the Charity Dance Force Concert fundraiser to raise money for Helen’s Hope Chest on Feb. 4. The dances all had meaning behind them.

“We are doing a contemporary dance as the opener and it represents hope,” senior Madison Dobyns said. “The song we are dancing to is ‘Don’t you Worry Child’ to emphasize that anything you go through there is always a brighter side.”

For the closing number there was a bit of a different meaning behind it.

“We are also dancing to ‘High Hopes’ for the finale which is more of an upbeat song,” senior Madison Dobyns said. “There’s hope even when things seem impossible.”

The charity dance concert was enjoyed by everyone,

“It’s always fun to choreograph as a team,” senior Kayla Coxon said. “The best part is definitely performing the dances we put together.”

Helen’s Hope Chest, the place they raised money for, does many things for charity.

“Some of the things they do are provide clothes and different necessities for the foster children,” senior Kayla Coxon said.

This group worked as a team and created these amazing dances to help others who are not as privileged.

“Not everyone is as privileged to have what I have,” senior Madison Dobyns said. “Being able to help those in need is all that matters.”

This event was a great way to spread joy through the art of dance. Everyone enjoyed helping others and spreading hope and positivity to everyone.

“Being able to share my love for dance with my best friends is always an awesome time,” senior Kayla Coxon said.