Masters of Tomorrow Art Exhibition & Scholarship Competition

Drawing, painting, and sculpting, are art forms that will be entered into the Masters of Tomorrow Art Exhibition and Scholarship competition. The Masters of Tomorrow competition is being sponsored by Benedictine University, Mesa campus. The submission deadline is midnight, Feb. 10. The winners of the competition can win scholarships to Benedictine University as well as cash prizes. Artists from Red Mountain will be submitting to this competition to be selected for the exhibition. Any artists can submit 3D or 2D art into the art competition.

(Jennifer Feuerstein/Senior)

“Mr. Graves is always saying that we should draw from pictures we took in a personal experience rather than copying something online, so I used a photo from when we went to Korea, and then I just added fish because I like fish,” senior Jennifer Feuerstein said.

These students have used a different medium of art to create each of these pieces.

(Jude Battaglino/Junior)

“The inspiration for the piece was an in-class assignment, but the theme was expressionist, so I did a theme based on a German expressionist film,” junior Jude Battaglino said. “The primary medium was charcoal, but I used a lot of black gesso. For a while I didn’t like it, but once it came together it became a piece that I really do enjoy. I think from 2018 to now, it has been one of my more favorite pieces that I made especially since it’s quite large and it’s something that I did complete.”

The last piece was inspired by what people said was not art.

(Katherine Lobas/Sophomore)

“It’s a mosaic and it’s of a few things I did in the past that I had people tell me that they wouldn’t amount to anything and the weren’t worth while to do because they were digital art pieces and someone told me digital art wasn’t comparable to traditional art or even worth doing,” sophomore Katherine Lobas said. “I decided to make a piece made entirely out of cuttings of digital artwork, a little spiteful. I’ve had it in one other art show and it probably would have won if I was older and could actually get the scholarships.”

The deadline for the submission is Feb. 10. For more information about this contest visit