Big Man on Campus

At many other schools, pageants are all about girls but at Red Mountain its all about the boys. On Thurs., 22 senior boys competed to be crowned Big man on Campus.

(Not in Order): Luke Hyzdu, Evan Omta, Max Stevenson, Stone Roberts, Joey Rusnak, Kyle Kelley, Fletcher Archibald, Carter Wheat, Jakobe Stevens, Shaq Daniels, Abe Tonioli, Parker Walters, Darren Smith, Zach Molina, Shawn Colapietro, Gabriel Salinas, Luke Chatham, Armando Sanchez, Nick Jones, Dominic Hatfeild, Isaac Thompson and Cesar Nava. (Photo By Shelby Davis)

All participated in many different events to win the votes of the audience, school clubs and social media. Some of the events from the show were a talent portion and a swim suit competition.

After being crowned Big Man on Campus, senior Shawn Colapietro celebrates his achievement. (Photo By Shelby Davis)

Shawn Colapietro was voted the overall Big Man on Campus at the end of the show. A portion of the profits from Big Man were given to Zandra Wade and her family.

(Featured Photo by Shelby Davis)