Photo 2 Visits Heritage Village

Posing in front of a Heritage Village Assisted Living building on Dec. 12, Photo 2 students prepare to take portrait shots of residents.

After visiting Heritage Village Assisted Living on Dec. 12, Mr. Gratzl’s Photo 2 class was full of excitement.

“I loved visiting Heritage Village, the residents were all smiling and laughing and some even wanted hugs,” sophomore Dajah Hunter said. “My favorite part was talking to them, they had really fun stories. One guy fought in World War II.”

While there, the class took portrait shots of the residents with plans of editing, printing and returning the photos as a holiday gift.

“I think the photos will make a great gift,” senior Ishani Marin said. “It didn’t seem like they had many visitors so this is our way of giving back to them and helping them feel good about themselves.”

Gathering around the camera,  Photo 2 students get a resident to smile before taking their photo on Dec. 12.

(Featured Photo by Ms. Nau.)