“Are You Still Watching?” Recent Survey Reveals Popular Netflix Shows

     Relaxing on a comfy sofa with heavy eyelids while binge watching Netflix is a common past time for many. “The Office”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “The Fosters”, Stranger Things”, “Breaking Bad” and “American Horror Story” are just some of the most popular shows on Netflix right now . A survey was conducted of around 110 students to see which Netlfix shows are the most popular. “The Office” came in first place with 14.9 percent of students saying that was their favorite show.

“The Office is funny and very entertaining to me,” sophomore William Walzer said.

“My favorite  character is Dwight because other than his seriousness he is very funny and he could be really relatable sometimes,” sophomore Emily Yaritza Meja Alejo said.

“I enjoy watching The Walking Dead,” sophomore Kevin Santos said. “I started watching the show since I was little and grew up with it.”

In general, people enjoy watching different shows because of their ow personal taste in genre. Watching a show is a great way to make memories and spend time with family and friends. 

(Featured Photo By Alondra Jacinto)