Hydro Flasks

Hydro’s have been popular lately. Hydro’s draw attention from the eyes with their bright colors and unique design. Also, stickers have brought a must needed design towards the style of hydro’s. Hydro Flasks have been known for keeping water cold and stylish. However, hydro flasks are expensive and can be quite heavy to hold which can leads to denting the hydro flask.

Junior, Megan Dingle said,“It was great and really convenient because I never used  to drink water. The only thing that would maybe be considered a struggle is the weight of it, but for me it just motivates me to drink more water in order to make it lighter”

Thus, having a hydro flask can really change your life. As it can motivate you to continue drinking water. Hydro flasks can be a bit pricey, but it can make an impact on yourself.

(Photo by Alondra Jacinto)