Welding Thunder: Victory for Red Mountain

Celebrating their great performance, The Red Mountain Welding Crew poses for a photo after the Welding Thunder event.

The Red Mountain Welding Crew competed in the Welding Thunder event at Skyline High School last week. This event is a competition between school’s welding teams that not only test the welders’ ability to weld, but also their ability to work together as a team. The RM Welding Crew placed first in STEM, in BBQ Lunch, and got gold in Kart Fabrication. The STEM aspect involves the functionality of the team. The BBQ Lunch competition involves a grill/smoker that the welding crew built, and how well the food is prepared and cooked. The Kart Fabrication aspect was based on design and functionality of the kart and how well it was driven. The team was very proud of their work as was the teacher, Mr. Hurst. The Welding Thunder event was not just attended by high schools, there were also college teams as well, yet Red Mountain’s Welding Crew still placed first.