Freshmen Perspectives

Smiling, Freshmen Grace Cook and Paloma Guerin take a photo during the summer photoshoot on June 18.

There are a lot of stereotypes when it comes to freshman year in high school; getting picked on by popular girls, grades dropping from the transition, and having trouble finding friends. Roar magazine conducted a survey asking incoming freshmen about the upcoming year. Most of them were nervous about fitting in and excited about joining new clubs.

“I am excited to make a lot of friends and participate in choir and perform in a musical or play,” freshmen Tiffany Erickson said. “I am most nervous about if people are going to be mean or even be my friends.”

With everyone trying to fit in, it no longer becomes a problem.

“So far in the year everything has been nothing like I expected it to be,” freshmen Makayla Place said. “People have been very open and welcoming, I naturally found great friends.”

High school has a variety of groups and clubs to join: Drama Club, Anime Club, Art Club and many more. With such a large variety of groups, everyone meets a variety of people.

“It is easy to lose yourself in a big school especially when trying to fit in,” freshman Maddie Orlando said. “I learned that being myself helped me get through the year so far.”

In high school movies, people are quick to judge, but in reality not many people are judgmental in high school.

“Freshmen year wasn’t as stressful as I expected it to be,” sophomore Isabella Dominguez said. “Everyone was welcoming with open arms.”

Change is a good thing and can lead people to new opportunities.

“Change is something that always shakes me up but I believe that more freedoms, more opportunities in classes and meeting new people will help the pros outweigh the cons,” freshmen Ayejah Ray said. “Sports are taken more seriously in high school, so I’m really excited to try out for the girls’ basketball team, work hard and secure my spot in it.”

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