What’s For Lunch?

Chatting during lunch, senior Hannah Gross and junior Jana Siemion enjoy Dutch Bros. Coffee on Oct. 17.

Lunch is a very important part of the day for students. They get to talk to their friends, eat, text on their phones, seek tutoring help, work on homework and go to club meetings.

During first quarter, lunch was an hour and this quarter it is 48 minutes. Lunch got reduced because there were behavioral issues during the last ten minutes of lunch.       

“I love lunch because it gives us a break and lets us relax, but the hour lunch was so much better last quarter,” junior Laci Jett said. “I had more time to eat and hang out with my friends.”

Last quarter, the 100s hallways were off limits so there would be less garbage, less messing around and less noise inside. This quarter, every hallway is off limits, but there are many new benches and tables that are placed outside to accommodate eating areas. Garbage is still a big problem on campus during lunch because students leave it on the ground and on tables everywhere outside and in the cafeteria and patio.

“Sometimes I’m the one who makes the mess, but I always pick it up, and if it’s not my garbage then I still pick it up and throw it away,” Jett said. “That’s just the right thing to do.”

This year, tutoring is offered at lunch, before and after school on Tues. and Thurs., as well as after school on Wed.

Some club meetings are held during lunch. If students don’t have time for after school clubs, many are held during lunch, such as: culinary, diversity, FCA, photo and design, art and Student Council.  

(Featured Photo By Amelia Velazquez)