The AP Advantage

Lined with college pennents, the AP Lounge provides students a place to collaborate on difficult homework assignments.

It’s lunchtime and suddenly Room 312 becomes filled with the scent of freshly-popped popcorn. Upon entering the room, Cullen Whitelock can be seen standing in front of a Keurig coffee machine, but he isn’t making coffee. Whitelock taking his ramen cup off of the Keurig is an example of the simple, everyday innovations coming from the students who roam here.”

“Here’s the thingI don’t even like coffee, I like ramen,” Whitelock said. “[I use the Keurig as a] hot water dispenser.”

The walls are lined with college pennants and the dreams of the students who come here. Looking around, it can be observed that this is an atmosphere of intellectual achievement.

The AP Lounge is an exclusive perk for AP and AVID students. It provides a productive space open to high-achieving students. This room offers resources and promotes teamwork that every AP student needs for success.

“At first I was hesitant to segregate out [and give special treatment to the AP and AVID students] but I think it gives them an opportunity to come together and utilize an area solely designated for studying and working together,” Ms. Brierton said.

The AP Lounge is a place where students go to get academic advice. As a result of the teamwork found here, the students who occupy the room rarely need teacher assistance. If one student is confused about a topic, there is always a peer willing to explain.

“It’s nice to have a place where you know there are other AP kids who understand the stress you’re going through,” junior Allison Leimone said.

“[My favorite thing about the AP room is] the kids and how they interact with one another,” Ms. Brierton said. “They’re helping each other on all sorts of various assignments and studying tips. Even when it’s loud, it’s still academic.”

Many things are offered exclusively in this room, such as AP test study guides, SAT and ACT study guides, pamphlets about college and study tips printed out on colorful cardstock. A few students question whether or not it’s fair for other students who want access to certain things that are located in the room.

“You may want to prep for the SAT but you’re not in AP,” Leimone said. “They moved all the books here and that’s not fair.”

Instead of SAT books, perhaps more needed supplies should be accessible such as paper, pens, pencils and calculators.

“I think there could be more paper and academic materials,” Ms. Brierton said. “I don’t see materials that the kids can useand couches would be nice.”

Students in the AP Lounge think that the room was a great idea. It offers accelerated youth the chance to excel in their courses in a place where they feel welcome and can work hard with their peers. Even though some improvements could be made, everyone hopes the AP Lounge can continue being offered for years to come.

(Featured Photo By Sage Crosby)