Self Expression Meets Dress Code

Posing next to the Red Mountain Way Sign, sophomore Rosalyn Craft and freshman Julia Koike give a thumbs up.

Fashion is often used as an outlet for expression. Most people make thoughtful decisions regarding what they wear each morning while others simply do not put as much energy into these choices because to them, clothes are clothes. Fashion can be a creative art form for those who wish it to be one.

“To me, fashion is a way for people to express themselves and their individuality,” junior Laura Rivera said. “It is a way for people to show their creativity.”

High school is the time when teenagers are trying to figure out who they are as people and who they want to be in the future. Students are always finding ways to express themselves and get a message out into the world, fashion helps with that.

“Fashion is something that means a lot to me because I feel like I’m able to make a statement without having to say anything,” sophomore Isabella Dominguez said. “I have a very outgoing personality and I like my clothes to reflect that through stylish outfits and vibrant colors.”

Dress codes are sets of rules that are set in place in schools to keep the self-expression at a level which is appropriate. For some, the rules aren’t strict enough. When it comes to dress code, everyone seems to have a strong opinion.

“In my opinion I think dress code could be a lot harsher,” freshman Makayla Place said. “I see a lot of students coming to school out of dress code and nobody says anything. The system should be stricter.”

“I feel like boys have it a lot easier,” sophomore Rosalyn Craft said. “There are more rules that girls have to follow with dress code.”

Skirts and dresses have to fall one inch past the fingertips. Shoulders, backs, chests and midriffs must be covered at all times. For the boys, they must keep graphics on their shirts school appropriate and their jeans must sit no lower than the waist.

“I don’t think dress code is fair because guys don’t get dress coded for muscle tees where you can see their whole chest and side,” junior Savannah McFarlin said. “But if a girl wears a shirt where you can see her shoulders she gets sent to the office for ‘distracting’ others.”

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(Featured Photo By Brooklyn Smith)