Marvel Mania

2018 is a big year for Marvel studios, starting in Feb. with “Black Panther” leading up to “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” Other releases such as the record breaking “Avengers: Infinity War,” and “Deadpool 2” overwhelm some of the lesser known masterpieces from Marvel Entertainment.

    Sept. 7 was a big day for Marvel fans as the highly anticipated, PlayStation exclusive “Marvel’s Spider-Man” was released. On the same day, the second season of “Iron Fist,” came out. After brutal backlash from fans and critics alike, season one of “Iron Fist” had to step up their game. Season two’s showrunner, Raven Metzner, replaced Scott Buck, who also produced “Marvel’s Inhumans,” which was received poorly as well. Fortunately for fans, Metzner knew he had to make the next season famous rather than infamous. Despite support from fans after the much improved season two, Netflix proceeded to cancel the show, and cancel “Luke Cage,” a week after.

    “With every end is a new beginning,” Finn Jones (Iron Fist) said on Instagram after news got out. Disney’s streaming service has no plans to transfer the two shows on their new platform however, so the fan’s last hope to see these two featured again is a “Heroes for Hire,” show featuring the Immortal weapon, Iron Fist, and the unbreakable man, Luke Cage.

    Releasing in  2018 are two other spin-offs of Spider-Man. Categorized as a fantasy/thriller, Sony’s “Venom” arrived in theaters on Oct. 5 and featured Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, the reporter who got more than he signed up for. Later releasing in theaters on Dec. 14 “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” will focus on a young teenager named Miles Morales who will be the first multicultural superhero to have his own movie. Morales is a young thirteen-year-old of black and latino descent, different from our well acknowledged Peter Parker. Morales will have the same basic powers as a Spider-Man that include the ability to stick to walls, spider-sense to alert him to danger, but with the addition of camouflage and electricity surging through his body just like in the comic books. Another universe’s version of Peter Parker (voiced by Jake Johnson) will be a mentor to Morales(voiced by Shameik Moore). After his Peter Parker was killed by the Green Goblin, Morales will have to step up to be the new Spider-Man. Joining the squad of spider-people in the movie is Spider-Gwen (voiced by Hailee Steinfeld) who will tag along on the adventures and lend a hand in web-slinging.    

     “Their style is directly influenced by a comic book-looking standpoint,” sophomore Nathan Waldo said. “That is something I am looking forward to a lot.”

    Releasing in March of 2019 will be the very long awaited “Captain Marvel,” set to take place in the 90s. According to the Russo Brothers, Bri Larson’s Captain Marvel will be the strongest character they have ever had. After fans saw the end of the movie and heard about Captain Marvel’s power, the question on everyone’s lips was: “Why didn’t she show up to fight Thanos?” This will likely remain unanswered until the release of the movie. It is important to note that the directors stated she will be the strongest character, not hero, which means she will be more powerful than Thanos himself.

    “My hope is that ‘Captain Marvel’ will be as successful as the other movies,” sophomore Said Bojorquez said. “It will be a good introduction to the first female character lead. And it’s something that everybody will admire.”

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(Featured Photo Courtesy of Marvel Studios)