Kickoff to the New Year

Running towards a touchdown, sophomore and JV football player Anthony Carrington plays against the Mountain View Toros on Oct. 6.

This year’s Junior Varsity football team started off the season with a win against Cesar Chavez and Dobson High. The team of 53 players is taking wins against the other high schools with new players. The Junior Varsity team has 50 sophomore players and 3 junior players.

“I started playing football because I wanted to try something new for my sophomore year,” sophomore and JV player Eduardo Manjarrez said.

Time is limited and football coaches have to make the best of it. They only have a limited amount of time after school Mon.-Thurs., and only a few hours on Sat. mornings.

“My biggest struggle coaching would be tje time that we have and maximizing their time for practices and games,” Coach Runge said.  

Junior Varsity’s last game of the season was on Oct. 25th against Westwood. Head Coach Michael Runge has been coaching the Junior Varsity team for six years, this year being his first as Head Coach. Like every coach, he has his own look and passion for what he does.

“My favorite part about coaching is being with kids and seeing the light go off in them,” Coach Runge said. 

     The team works together on the field to their best of their ability and devotes their full effort while playing. They motivate themselves by doing team chants before games to perform the best that they can on the field.

 “Our motivation towards practice comes from not having to run,” Manjarrez said. “If we don’t go to practice we don’t get to play in the game that week.”

The team’s motivation for practice to prepare them for their games comes from their love of football. For more information visit .  

(Featured Photo by Dan Kent/YZBluePhotography)