Inspiration​ Behind the Internship

Smiling brightly, biotechnology program interns stand with teacher Mrs. Gazda for a picture. (Not Pictured: Michael Searle, Adrian Kwiatkowski, Eliseo Gomez).

Biotechnology students pull supplies from a plastic cart filled with lab equipment. DNA analysis gels are running and the soon-to-be scientists are updating their laboratory journals.  The class is focused on introducing bacteria to a new environment, protein separation, DNA separation, and bacteria genome editing. One advantage of the program includes internships offered in years three and four.

“Being in biotechnology has given me experience working in a lab and practice executing research projects,” junior Rex Dyer said.

Internships allow students to gain confidence in their lab skills as well as give direction in career choices. Research is time-consuming like a job, which refines time management skills as well as responsibility and dedication to the project. Working with professors and mentors invested in the scientific principles of their interests gives interns a sense of professionalism.

“The most beneficial thing from internship is working in a cooperative atmosphere where everyone is dedicated with lots of help and support.” senior Brandon Garcia said.

Inspiration to seek out an internship comes from a long history for the love of science. Although internships look excellent on resumes and college applications, the motivation stretches much farther.

“When I was younger I would shadow my mom in the hospital,” senior Geethika Ameneni said. “Even though I never saw patients, I got a feel for the environment and knew I wanted to be a doctor.”

None of this would be possible without help from the biotechnology teacher, Ms. Gazda. She builds up students’ laboratory skills through year one and two so they have the knowledge to work in a research lab with professors and professional equipment. She presents available programs to her students who seek out the desired opportunity and finish the application process.

  “I hope my students learn confidence and skills through their internship to make a significant impact on the world,” Ms. Gazda said.

For more information about the biotechnology program, visit Ms. Gazda in Room 717 or visit

(Featured Photo by Cassidy Gavin)