Football Fever

Representing this year's freshman football team, Jessica Davis poses for a picture.

From the football team to racing, there are girls on this campus who are changing the norm when it comes down to sports. For example, freshman Jessica Davis and Ashley King play for the freshman football team and are making a difference in the minds of the other team players.

“The team didn’t really accept me at first,” Davis said. “Now since I’ve been able to play and be on the field, they have accepted me more and accept who I am as a girl being able to play with them on the team.”

At first, the girls in the team were not really accepted, but once the other team players realized what they can do, their background skills and their passion for the game, that soon changed.

“I’ve always just grown up playing sports with my family and going to my brothers games so all my life I’ve always had a sport based family,” Kingsfield said.

These girls have shown tremendous grit because it was not always easy. Getting on the team was quite the process.

“My family kept emailing the coaches and telling them that I was transferring from Smith (where I also played football) and my mom talked and worked a lot with the coaches.”

When applying for the team, these freshmen football players showed their passion and dedication for the sport and they pushed through stereotypes in order to do what they love.

From diapers to football uniforms, these girls have been ready to play football and nothing will stop them from achieving their goals and showing the school what they do best. To learn more about the football program visit

(Featured Photo By Ms. Cline)