Drama On The Daily

Showing their school spirit for 80s day, energetic Drama Club members pose for a group photo on Aug. 10.

Red Mountain has had many great performances, and Mr. Erickson, the current drama teacher, has a few personal opinions to share about them.

“When we get to rehearsal after school, there’s a new switch turned on,” Mr. Erickson said. “They get to be creative, they get to use their imagination and get their creative juices flowing.”

He says that there is so much talent. It is always hard to have to tell people that they didn’t make it into the show.

“This is probably one of the best years I’ve had,” Mr. Erickson said. “They get along great and they hang out together. We are always constantly learning about each other and learning about our strengths.” 

There is a multitude of reason that students become involved in the Drama program.

“On a specific level, I want to be an actor,” junior Riley Siegler said. “Drama helps me towards that career and get my experience. On a deeper level, it helps become a better leader and grow confidence and make friends.”

Seigler has never gotten a ‘no’ from any casting directors and that has helped her learn from roles she has had in past plays and musicals. Each role is just a different version of herself so she can easily do them. Getting the experience with drama and plays has helped her become more confident.

For more information about the Drama program, visit http://www.mpsaz.org/rmhs/organizations/theatreclub/ .

(Featured Photo Courtesy of Mr. Erickson)