A Spooktacular Season

Standing in costume, Red Mountain junior Jessica McKissick and Mesa High student Robert Lavato dress up as iconic Tim Burton characters, Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice for a Halloween celebration.

This year’s Halloween is full of students parading as vampires, witches and zombies to exchange tricks for treats. All Hallows’ Eve has morphed into a widely celebrated holiday most known for its creative costumes.

“I lead the designing and making of costumes and makeup for theater,” junior and Head of Costume department Jessica McKissick said. “This year my costume is Lydia Deetz from the wedding scene of Beetlejuice.”

As students grow up, their Halloween traditions do too. Some may enjoy dressing up for movie marathons or local themed events in their neighborhood, while others may get together with family or host a costume party. Still, the favorite remains the classical Trick-or-Treating.

“It’s kind of nice to walk around at night with your friends,” McKissick said. “And you just have this perk of getting a bunch of candy as you talk and hangout.”

Some time-honored costumes include witch, vampire, mummy and pirate. As different movies and shows have gone out of fashion, so have costumes. Trendy ones include ‘Eleven’ from Stranger Things, ‘T’Challa’ from Black Panther and The Incredibles from The Incredibles 2.

“I’ve got one easy comfortable costume that I often wear because it’s cute,” Mrs. Cupryk said. “My husband’s a phlebotomist so I’ve got scrubs and a lab coat.”

(Featured Photo By Riley Duemler)