French Fanatics

Holding the French Club flag, French Club members gather together for Tailgate on Sept. 20.

French club is an exciting rompus of chatter and gossip about the French lifestyle and local gossip. The air smells sweet like pastries, of bread and chocolate. The club members taste crepes filled with Nutella, chocolate chips and a mouthful of whipped cream. For the students in Room 259, French Club is not just a club. It is a way of life and a place to connect with other people who are passionate about the French lifestyle.

“They are the most down to earth people you will ever meet,” president Jennifer Ramos said. “They are sweet and energetic people who are always willing to help anyone in need.”

AP French teacher and French Club sponsor Madame Bute loves meeting new members and welcomes everyone.

“Anyone who is curious about the world, loves learning different cultures and ways of thinking about new things should join French Club,” Madame Bute said.

Many French students enjoy the large turn out and diversity among club members.

“Members were good at doing henna designs for Tailgate. I think they all genuinely want to be part of this group,” junior Elena Flores said.

French Club looks forward to visiting the Phoenix Art Museum to see beautiful art in Arizona. For more information about the French Club, visit room 259.

(Featured Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Ramos)