Sweep Music Today, The World Tomorrow

Cover art for senior Sage Crosby's Single "42" released Sept. 4. Designed by junior Desiree Jones.

Red Mountain senior Sage Crosby, with over five-thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, produced the single “42,” which is loved by listeners, and by demand has finally been played during passing periods.

    “The lyrics of her song give me a feeling of freedom and wonder,” freshman Hailee Gomez said. “A sense of not knowing where we’re going gives me the ‘live in the moment, vibe.’”

    The Start of Crosby’s musical adventure started the summer of 2018 when she sang her single at the ReMix Vocal Academy.  Eventually Crosby has plans to make a full album and more singles. Sage Crosby is related to world famous Bing Crosby, who sang “White Christmas.”

Her single is currently available on all platforms.