How Do You Practice Self-Care?

Popular self-care products from places like Lush and Ulta.

Self-care can be the simplest thing, like taking time out of a busy day to wear a face mask or bathe with rose petals. It’s important to set time aside and learn to breathe and relax. High school students have a lot of weight on their shoulders. However, the littlest thing students can do is take time to unwind.

“I practice self-care because it’s necessary to make time for myself after being stressed about school and cross-country,” junior Sami Fredriksen said. “[I use] the soy cleanser by Fresh as well as bath bombs from Lush and Ulta.”

Overall self-care is not just about taking time for yourself but to learn what is needed for a peace of mind.

(Featured Photo By Alondra Jacinto)