Little Lions

Little Lions was a football game where everyone wore pink in order to spread awareness of breast cancer for the month of October. Little Lions is a tradition that has been going on for a while and occurs twice a year.

At the game there was an event called the Cost Cutters challenge. The Cost Cutters challenge is where three random people are chosen and they compete to see who can kick a football the farthest. The person who kicked the football the farthest had the opportunity to receive free haircuts from Cost Cutters for a year. The second place winner received twenty-five dollars and the third place winner received ten dollars.

DSC_0330 (7)
Cheering for the varsity football team, Aria Cline does her first half-extension at the Little Lions Game on Sept. 28.

Aria Cline was at the game performing as a Little Lion. Her family also went to Red Mountain High school and came to support her. During this event, Aria’s grandma got lost and found help from two sixteen-year-olds who were also once little lions; Maddie Bigler and Halle Heins.

(Featured Photo By Ms. Cline)