Photo Club Offers Wedding Photography Lessons

Photo 1 student Austin Miller and Photo 3 student Natali Olvera take photos of the reception hall before guests arrive to the wedding.

Freshman Austin Miller and senior Natali Olvera assisted Photography Teacher Ms. Cline at a wedding on Sept. 30. Ms. Cline was thrilled to have helpers.

“My favorite part about photographing weddings is the ‘First Look’, where the bride and groom have an intimate moment alone before the ceremony,” Ms. Cline said. “One of the coolest things about this ‘First Look’ is that Natali got the shot. She got the bride spinning around to show her dress like a Disney Princess and she got the groom looking at his bride with awe—I was so proud of her.”

For Austin Miller, his priority was to capture a solid shot with the correct exposure.

“I really enjoyed learning new techniques to take better pictures. I had to change settings like ISO to get the shot” Miller said.

Natali Olvera’s experience was both educational and inspiring as she utilized every aspect of her photography skill set.

“It was an excitingly challenging experience where I could be both a guest and and a boss,” Olvera said. “I learned that I didn’t need much outside of what I already had to capture a substantial set of quality images.”

“Attempting different genres of photography [product and candid] was initially both nerve-wracking and sweet, considering the images would document such an important part of someone’s life,” Olvera added. “Being someone who had never gone to a traditional wedding, my limitations were only my imagination. Aside from the artistic part, I learned what taking professional event photography looks like, and that takeaway was the biggest success for me.”

To learn more about the Photo program and Club, visit Room 320 Mondays at lunch.

(Featured Photo by Ms. Cline)