Boys Varsity Volleyball

Protecting the ball, Senior Drew Grabek hits it back to the lion’s side at the home game against the Millennium Tigers on Mar. 1.

Boys volleyball kicked off the 2017–18 school year with tryouts on Feb. 8–9. During the school week, players gave it their all, scoring from either side of the net. Coach Simmons is eager for the team to earn as many titles as they can this season.

“This year we’ve been big in blocking and serve receive,” Coach Simmons said. “Better passing as we’re receiving a serve has been a big goal because that’s how we win games.”

They took home a winning score of 3–0 on March 1 and continued with five consecutive wins to start the season. The team has demonstrated a fierceness that set the bar high for their following games and they hope to continue their successful streak.

The varsity boys volleyball players practice diligently to guarantee success during these highly competitive games.

“The thing I enjoy the most about volleyball is the friendship and competitiveness of the sport,” senior and varsity player Andrew Grabek said. “After playing with the same guys for 4 years, you build friendships with them. But as soon as you step onto the court against them, they are your biggest rival.”

The team practices sometimes more than five days a week and during sixth hour. These challenging practices reflect their relative standings as they are ranked 10 in State.

“A good season consists of players who not only enjoy the sport but also enjoy the team,” junior and varsity player Parker Walters said. “Without team unity, there is no reason to push for victory.”

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Featured Photo by Dan Kent.