Tips For Getting A Job

High school is a time where most students experience their first job. Whether it is to have a little extra cash or just to get the experience, working in high school is often worthwhile. Not only does a job teach students how to budget and handle money, it also teaches them skill building, helps with college, looks good on a resume and allows them to purchase their own items. To get a job, one must first fill out an application, have a resume, be prepared for the interview and have a backup plan in case of rejection.

“Find a place to work at that you have some passion towards,” Career Planning teacher Mr. Appel said. “If possible, don’t just find a job to make money. Try to find a job where other employees seem to be upbeat and positive.”

To find a job, look for ‘Now Hiring’ signs at local establishments or ask classmates about places that are hiring. Once a student finds a place they are interested in, they must fill out an application and have a strong resume. A strong resume includes contact information, a summary statement, key strengths, job and/or volunteer experience and education. Once the resume is complete, it’s time to tackle interviews. One way to prepare is to rehearse possible questions as well as picking appropriate business attire.

“Every interview is different,” senior Khalil Clayton said. “For example, my interview at Sonic was more like a conversation than an actual interview. Not every job is going to be that way.”

The best way to be prepared is to go online and look at commonly asked interview questions and answers. Another way to prepare for an interview is to prepare mentally. To do so, students can make a list of things they’re good at, what faults they have overcome and what they can offer to the company.

“Students can research the company that they are interviewing at on the internet and read what the position is that they are applying for and what they need to do,” Career and College Adviser Ms. Rusnak said. “And being able to talk about your accomplishments, what skills you have in academics or in computers and how you can help the company you are interviewing with can help you.”

After the interviews, students will need to be patient and check back in with the business. Students should also write a thank you letter to the company afterwards. To learn more about the job process and for tips to get a job, visit

Working at Subway, junior Anita Vernon prepares a deli sandwich for a customer. (Photo Courtesy of Yearbook.)
Carter Bujold-12-Sweet Cafe 012218 by Saquella
Working at the Sweet Cafe located in Superstition Springs Mall,  senior Carter Bujold serves gelato to a customer. (Photos Courtesy of Yearbook.)
Natalie Jackson-harkins theatres
At Harkins Theatre, senior Natalie Jackson pours a soft drink for a customer to enjoy. (Photo Courtesy of Yearbook).

(Featured Photo By Ms. Saquella)