Red Mountain Carnival

Photo by Brianna Lemus

For eight years, the Red Mountain Football Booster Club has hosted one of the largest carnivals in Arizona. With over 30 game stands, 10 carnival rides for all ages and a variety of food trucks, the Red Mountain Carnival is always an event to be remembered. The event is for everyone in the community.

“Every year we’ve had the carnival, we’ve had positive reviews,” Football Booster Club sponsor Ms. Eulate said. “Everybody loves it and says that it’s a family-friendly event. It’s good for our community, and I think we’ve never had anyone be negative about it.”
The Football Booster Club’s tradition to hold carnivals at Red Mountain was started by Coach Wisniewski. The money goes back to the football team for equipment and facility improvements.

“His father [Coach Wisniewski] was in the fundraising community as a philanthropist,” Football Booster Club sponsor Coach Peterson said. “Both of their impacts on the community is extraordinary.”
The Red Mountain Carnival contains multiple fair rides, such as the Century Wheel, Inversion and more. If students aren’t into rides, there are a variety of other activities to do.

“What makes the carnival special is that no other school in the state has a fundraiser like this one,” Ms. Eulate said. “When people think about a school carnival, they think of little games. They don’t think of legitimate State Fair type activities.”
Held March 1–4, many attendants had positive reviews in regards to the carnival, the rides were the most praised.

“I’m not exactly a carnival guy, and I get really scared of the rides,” sophomore Jesus Sanchez Montes said. “My friends dragged me onto everything, and it was really fun.”
By being the largest fundraiser for the Football Booster Club, this year proved to be bigger than ever before. With more thrill rides for teenagers, calmer rides for younger children and game booths available, countless memories were made for the community, and it gets the community excited for next year.

(Featured Photo By Brianna Lemus.)