Dutch Bros vs. Starbucks

Caffeine is a necessity for many, especially for students who stay up all night working on homework, projects or studying. Dutch Bros. Coffee and Starbucks are two popular places where students enjoy grabbing drinks. A survey of 315 students was conducted to see which place students prefer, as well as what drinks they commonly order from that place.

“I love working at Starbucks because I meet a ton of people and they are all super nice,” senior and Starbucks Barista Sara Svoboda said. “My go-to drink is the Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel drizzle.”

In the survey, 57.1 percent of students answered that they prefer Starbucks. Of those students, 80 percent said that they are most likely to order coffee, 13.3 percent said smoothies or other drinks and 6.7 percent said tea. Students who prefer Starbucks claim that the best drinks to order are coffees and teas.

“I feel like students prefer Dutch Bros more because they have a better variety of drinks and flavors,” junior Lillyanna Ortiz said. “However, there are more Starbucks’ near the school and the lines for Dutch Bros are usually pretty long.”

piechart 2.0
In contrast, 42.9 percent of students prefer Dutch Bros. Surprisingly, 46.7 percent of students said that they are most likely to order Rebels or other drinks, 33.3 percent of students said coffee and 20 percent said tea. Students that prefer Dutch Bros claim that the best drinks to order are Rebels and other drinks.

“I love working at Dutch Bros because I get to love and serve my community in a different way than most, with a killer cup of coffee and a smile,” senior and Dutch Bros employee Kristina Thomas said. “At Dutch, we listen to awesome music, talk to some awesome customers and make awesome coffee, it’s as simple as that.”
According to students that took the survey, Starbucks is frequented for their coffee more than Dutch Bros. For a look at their menus, visit https://www.dutchbros.com/menu or https://www.starbucks.com/menu.