Yearbook Distribution Event

The Yearbook Distribution Event will take place on Friday, May 4 during both lunches in the auditorium. The event gives students who have purchased their yearbook before Friday, April 13, the opportunity to retrieve it before other classmates. There will be a $1 entrance fee, or for $5, students can receive a VIP concierge service, which lets them skip the long lines. Extra supplies including Sharpies, book covers and extra autograph pages will also be available for purchase.
     “I am very excited for this year’s distribution event,” junior and Yearbook Editor-in-Chief Shelby Davis said. “It means we have met our goals and completed the book on time. I can’t wait for everyone to see our work.”
     In honor of Red Mountain’s 30th anniversary, the Yearbook staff chose the theme, “No Grit, No Pearl.” Pearls are the traditional stone for 30th anniversaries and can be compared to a student’s time in high school.
     “We went into extreme thought about how a pearl is made,” senior and Yearbook Editor-in-Chief Thor Skogan said. “A pearl is made when sand gets into an oyster and beaten up. It’s a hard process and it turns into something beautiful, just like high school.”
     The yearbook is available for purchase for $79 in the bookstore. General distribution will start on May 14 and pick up will be located in the bookstore. Surplus yearbooks can be bought after general distribution for the same price starting on May 16. For more information about the Yearbook Distribution Event, visit Ms. Saquella in Room 313.

(Feature Image Courtesy of Yearbook)