Mary Poppins Play at Red Mountain High School

Drama and performing arts are excited to announce that Disney’s “Mary Poppins the Musical” will be performed at Red Mountain from March 27 – April 7. The musical will star 70 Red Mountain performers and 30 junior high performers from across Mesa and will be the biggest play shown at Red Mountain.

The musical follows the story of two wealthy children, Jane and Michael Banks, who meet a magical nanny, Mary Poppins, and embark on magical adventures. Mary Poppins will be played by senior Reagan Bentley who wants to embrace the character and give it her all to perform the best Mary Poppins she can.

“I am so stoked for this musical, this is by far one of the best and most fun musicals I’ve ever been cast in,” Bentley said. “Auditions were hard because there were so many other girls auditioning for Mary Poppins. I am so happy I was selected to be Mary Poppins, I am going to give my best performance yet.”

Mr. Erickson and Mr. Johnston have been planning on doing Mary Poppins for years. They now have the resources, students and the money to construct and perform the musical. They believe this year was the perfect time to unveil the biggest musical to be hosted at Red Mountain.

“Mary Poppins is a classic and has been something we have been planning on for a long time,” Mr. Erickson said. “The theme for Mary Poppins is family and when Mary Poppins shows up, she helps rekindle the bond within the family. This will be a big event and we are spending no expense in making this production.”.

For the performers, they have been working around the clock to ensure they nail every performance they are doing with daily rehearsals from 3 – 7 p.m. The welding students have been pitching in to assist in the production by building stages and providing the necessary equipment for the show to come to life. The musical includes technical effects and wiring never used before and will be a unique experience for all.

“Auditions were not hard but very stressful,” freshman Megan McEwen said. “In total, there were 140 people who auditioned for roles. On the first day, we were all given a packet to rehearse. Throughout the days, we had to perform what we were instructed by our directors. It was a fun experience, I’m so excited that I was chosen to be Jane Banks.”

Tickets and prices can be found online at https://www.¬gin=1542968&current_cli¬ent=01343918020615483.


Featured Image by Jan Saquella