Red Mountain Boys Basketball

The 2017–18 Varsity Basketball players and coaches pose to represent the new season.

After winning the title of East Valley Region Champions last season, Red Mountain’s Varsity Boys Basketball team kicked off the 2017–18 year with tryouts on Nov. 1. Every Tuesday and Thursday night, this new team of athletes give it their all under the florescent gymnasium lights. The boys are eager to earn as many titles as they can this season.

“I think everything about the game is beautiful,” junior and varsity player Jake Macdonald said. “We have some sort of chemistry on the team where everyone can connect and play well together.”

A winning score of 62–48 on Nov. 28 hosted by Millennium High School demonstrated the players’ fierce comeback after the loss of last year’s seniors. The team expects to continue their streak of success.

With the alignment as a 6A East Valley team, the varsity boys basketball players practice diligently to guarantee success during these highly competitive games. The team practices all year long, during sixth hour and before and after school. Of course these hard practices reflect their relative standing from previous years such as the 2016–17 season in which they ranked 20 in state. These players and coaches dedicate all of their time and energy for basketball.

“What I like most about coaching is my love for the game,” Coach Lemon said. “I get to coach kids that share that same love for it. At the end of the day, we just want to work hard and play as best as we can as a team.”

For more information about varsity boys basketball, contact Head Coach Lemon on the basketball athletics website at or email him at

The 2017–18 Varsity Basketball players and coaches pose to represent the new season. (Featured Photo Courtesy of Coach Lemon)