Culinary Club

During culinary's annual Cupcake Wars on Dec. 14, these Cookies and Cream cupcakes await the judges' verdict.

Culinary Club is now encouraging all Red Mountain students to join. Meetings are held Fridays during Lion Time. So far they have held a cake pop fundraiser and recreated an episode of the popular Food Network show, Cupcake Wars. In previous years, the club has informally existed as a continuation of Advanced Culinary.

“I decided that this year that it should be something available to anybody,” Culinary teacher and Club Sponsor Ms. Pearl said. “People that are in culinary, and people that are not.”

Culinary Club hopes to visit Disneyland and get a tour of Disney’s food industry. The Club hopes that it will be more student operated in the future.

“I really want them to be the ones that run the club and come up with ideas,” Ms. Pearl said. “If they’re lost or don’t know where to go next, I guide them and help them.”

For more information on joining Culinary Club, talk to Ms. Pearl in Room 104.

(Featured Photo by Jan Saquella)