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Between choosing a favorite stocking to writing a wish list, many parents and students scrambled to buy presents for their family and friends this holiday season. To determine the most popular gifts and stores, a survey of 310 students was conducted.

“If you have an inside joke with someone, getting them a gag gift may be a fun idea,” junior Chloe Whelen said. “But I would want to take a group of my friends and surprise them with a getaway like camping because spending time with friends is always fun.”

The holidays often call for buying gifts for loved ones and those close to them. In the survey, 48.8 percent of students said they were going to give other fashion and beauty products, 44.5 percent of students said holiday treats and 32.8 percent said games or gaming consoles.

“One time I gave my mom a necklace that said, ‘I love you to the moon and back,’” Whelen said. “It made me feel good because she really loved it. Now, she wears it a lot to work and everywhere else she goes.”

Cropped Survey 2
A bar chart displays results from a survey taken by 310 students for what type of gift they would like to give or receive the most.

Students and families found gifts for those that prefer certain items. In the survey, 25.4 percent of students said they were hoping to receive fashion and beauty products, 21.2 percent said games or gaming consoles and 14 percent said cellular devices.

“My favorite memory is when I got a keyboard from a radio station because my mom was in the hospital with a tumor being removed. She was just recovering when they called us up and told us we were getting a keyboard, candy and coloring books,” senior Emma Cota said. “We were all excited because we’ve never done something like this before where we signed up for a radio show. It was really nice of them because out of all the families, they chose us.”

When it comes to giving gifts, there is always a question in mind of where to purchase gifts. Most stores offer holiday gifts and deals at places such as Starbucks, Dutch Bros, Target, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Bass Pro Shops, Bath & Body Works, Bed Bath & Beyond and Victoria’s Secret. The results of the survey revealed that 62.8 percent of students go to Target, 59.9 percent go to Amazon and 54.4 percent go to Walmart.

“I like Charlotte Russe because they have clothing that actually fits me,” Cota said. “But I also like Michael’s because I’m an artsy kid and like to draw. Another nice place to shop is Goodwill because I like vintage style clothing and grandma-like stuff since it’s really cute.”

Cropped Survey
A bar chart shows the results from a survey taken by 310 students about what stores they go to the most to purchase gifts.

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