Poetry Club

Poetry Club is the newest addition to the variety of clubs offered at school. Starting in January, meetings will be held every Tuesday from 3 to 4 p.m in Room 137.

“I think poetry is a unique and creative form that feels like it has always been teenager-friendly,” sophomore and Poetry Club President Heather Jensen said. “I feel like most teenagers have experimented with poetry, even if it’s just an angsty way to talk about failed relationships.”

After winter break, Poetry Club will be handing out posters and flyers in English classes to encourage students to join. They have partnered with the organization, Phonetic Spit, which will help students grow their creative skills. Phonetic Spit has offered 16 weeks of on-campus poetry discussions and a poetry slam that becomes a national competition. They hope to influence a poetic movement throughout the school.

“I’ve been writing poetry for a few years, but after participating in a digital mentorship through The Adroit Journal this past summer, I grew into my passion,” Jensen said.  “By creating Poetry Club, I wanted to give students an opportunity to voice their thoughts in a beautiful way.”

To learn more about Poetry Club, visit Club Sponsor Ms. Lancucki in Room 137.