Shawn Mendes Performs in Arizona

Shawn Mendes sings his hit single "Stiches drawing in the fans attention before he begins his suprise acapella performance of "A Little Too Much.

Shawn Mendes filled the Gila River Arena this year with over 18,000 admiring fans on July 15. His career began on Vine, where his page initially held a small following. Mendes said the size of his tour is something he could have never imagined. His world tour is taking place from April 27 to Dec. 18 with 60 shows total, including the U.S. tour that has 30 shows.

A Shawn Mendes fanatic, sophomore Brianna Lemus, attended two different concerts during the Illuminate tour, one in Arizona and the other in New York. Although the Arizona show was great, she loved the New York concert even more due to a special surprise guest.

“As he was starting to sing his single, ‘Mercy,’ Ed Sheeran walked up on stage and the crowd broke into a total uproar,” Lemus said. “If you thought Mendes’ songs sounded good on his album, their duet was like hearing angels.”

Although the surprise appearance from Sheeran left fans in awe, there was one specific moment at the Arizona concert that fans would never forget. About halfway through the concert he asked everyone to quiet down. The room quickly became silent; enough to hear a pin to drop.

“It was almost as if the whole stadium was at a stand still, then he began to sing ‘A Little Too Much’ his voice alone filled the arena. It remained completely silent, until the end of the song,” senior Bailey Baugh said. “I have never heard such sincerity in someone’s voice and such willingness from an entire crowd, it is surely an experience I’ll never forget.”

As the concert was coming to an end, there was excitement in the crowd, like never heard before. It seemed as if something was going to happen, and everyone but Mendes knew. Upon arrival, this reporter was quickly informed of the popular fan pages plan to surprise Mendes. Then, it was time: the song ‘Roses’ began. Red lights began to illuminate the arena and a smile filled his whole face.

With his career exploding faster than ever before, what will be next for Mendes? For more information about any upcoming albums or tours, visit Mendes’ website at http:/