Red Mountain’s 2017 Homecoming

Homecoming is the time of the year when students let loose and get a feel for the exciting year to come. Spirit Week, the parade, bonfire, tailgate, the football game and the dance all happened the week of Sept. 11–16.

“My favorite thing is the Homecoming dance,” Student Council Adviser Mr. Whetten said. “Seeing students outside of the classroom all dressed up and having fun is always enjoyable. From Spirit Week to the big football win, and of course the dance, it was an amazing collection of events.”

Seniors Thomas DeMassa and Sara Svoboda are crowned as the Homecoming King and Queen during halftime at the football game on Sep. 15. (photo by Ms. Saquella

Each year, students and teachers look forward to the exciting activities that Homecoming holds. What may not cross their minds is all of the time and work the school and Student Council puts into making the dance a memorable one.

“This dance is very well known throughout the East Valley. At the previous school I was at, several of the students wanted to know why they couldn’t have a Homecoming dance like Red Mountains’,” Assistant Principal Mr. Grantham said.  “I don’t think that students understand the work behind the scenes that a lot of different people are doing. There’s a lot of groups trying to make it a really fun event for them.”

The Homecoming theme is different every year. This year’s theme was “There’s No Place Like Homecoming” inspired by The Wizard of Oz.

“Every year brings a new crop of students and a new set of seniors who always put their stamp on the school and on Homecoming in particular,” Mr. Whetten said. “We put in so much time and effort preparing for Homecoming that it always feels like we are not ready, but I think this year went great.”

There is far more that is put into the Homecoming week than just the dance and game. Organizations like Student Council and National Honors Society put in hard work to ensure a fantastic Homecoming event.

At tailgate, senior Alexis Grant shows her Red Mountain spirit. (Photo by Ms. Saquella)

“The hardest part about setting up for Homecoming is the preparation of the halls, the dance, the parade and the assembly in a timely manner,” senior and Student Body President Chloe Henry said. “Yet, it is also one of the most exciting times of the year because that is when the Student Council gets to know each other, and it makes us grow as a stronger family.”

(Featured Photo By Ms. Saquella)