Red Mountain Volleyball

The girls volleyball program here at Red Mountain has a long history of excellence. Take, for instance, the fact that they are the 2016 East Valley Regional Champions. This season, they continue to perform successfully with this line-up of girls on freshman, junior varsity and varsity.

For the players, volleyball can be an enriching experience outside of games, practices and tournaments.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned from volleyball is how to work with all different types of players and people in general,” senior and varsity player Sierra Bailey said. “We all have to be committed to each other on and off the court regardless of how different our personalities are.”

Sometimes the pressure to win is overwhelming, but there is always a way to overcome it.

“I think there is definitely a pressure to win certain games. Of course we want to win all of them, but when we go up against our rivals the pressure is even greater,” senior and varsity player Gabriella Mulhearn said. “I definitely can get stressed under pressure, but it makes me want to win even more.”

Maintaining an upbeat attitude in the face of stress is important for team morale.

“Volleyball has helped me become a more positive person. I always try to be happy and excited to get the team to be happy and excited as well,” Mulhearn said. “When anyone makes a mistake, I try my best to cheer even louder and be positive for them.”

For the seniors, it can be a struggle to manage volleyball, school and preparing for college, but a strong will and time management skills are the key to a balanced life.

“It’s been harder this year because of all the work that’s not assigned homework but still has to get done like college applications and essays,” Bailey said. “I work on them whenever I have free time in class or on the weekends.”

To see these talented girls meet the high expectations they’ve set, visit the Red Mountain Girls Volleyball webpage at for their game schedule or see Coach Holck.

(Featured Photo By Dan Kent)