Most Popular Music

From popular artists such as Ed Sheeran to Metallica, there are many music genres that students listen to. To determine the most popular music on campus, a survey was taken by 250 students. In the survey, the genre options offered were rock, pop, classical, K-Pop (also known as Korean Pop music), rap, jazz, country, alternative, electronic, latin, funk, punk rock and religious music.

“I like music that makes you feel something,” senior Analise Ziebell said. “If you close your eyes, visualize something from the song, and it really speaks to you through the music, then that’s what makes a good song. That’s what is important to me in music and is why I listen to many different genres.”

What genre students find themselves listening to the most graphic

When it came to the results, 19.6 percent of the students said that alternative music was what they found themselves listening to the most. Following closely behind, 17.6 percent of students said rap, 15.1 percent said pop, 11 percent said rock and 8.2 percent said K-Pop. Meanwhile, the genres that were less popular gained fewer votes. Only 6.1 percent of students said country, 4.5 percent of students said punk rock, 2.9 percent said heavy metal, 2.9 percent said electronic, 2.4 percent said jazz, 1.6 percent said latin, 1.2 percent said religious music and 0.4 percent said funk. The other 4.9 percent claimed to listen to each genre equally.

“My favorite music genres are K-Pop and heavy metal,” junior Lorraine Riley said. “If you are able to listen to or hear the lyrics in heavy metal, the songs become much more meaningful. As for K-Pop, it is unique and fun to see a different culture of music with videos, I love them.”

Students are also given the opportunity to pick a song to play for sweep music if they win a raffle in the change exchange. When asked what type of music students wanted to hear on campus the most, 20.7 percent of students said rap music, 17.1 percent said pop, 16.7 percent said alternative, 9.8 percent said rock, 8.5 percent said K-Pop and 6.9 percent said country.

“For sweep music, I’m a huge fan of classic rock,” Ziebell said. “I would like to hear something that will pump me up. So, classic rock or even old school Disney songs would be great to walk to class.”