Lion Time Changes

With the start of the new school year came many new improvements on campus, including changes in Lion Time. The program was developed last year for students to do various activities such as get one-on-one tutoring with teachers or do homework. This program implemented its new changes over the summer.

“Lion Time really gets to the heart of building campus culture,” Freshman Principal Mr. Gardner said. “It’s a culture of learning, and it will continue to build on students.”

Mrs. Meschede tutoring senior Izaak Beffel-10-092817-Julianna Head-3-Bpfingsten
Tutoring a student in need, Ms. Meschede helps senior Izaak Beffel with his math in Room 812 on September 28.

This program occurs after second hour from 9:54 a.m. to 10:24 a.m. every day except Wednesday.

“Lion Time gives me the chance to get some things done for another class,” sophomore Gracie Collinsworth said. “It gives me an extra 30 minutes to study and get tutoring for topics that I really want to understand.”

During Lion Time, students can get the help they need when they need it.

Katrina Welsh and Elena Ortiz putting together parts on a mannequin with modeling clay-10-092817-Julianna Head-3-Bpfingsten
Making a recreation of the human body, Elena Ortiz and Katrina Welsh complete a project in Mrs. Torrey’s classroom on Sep. 28.

“These changes have given students the opportunity to have two more days where they can go and get help,” math teacher Mr. Reeves said. “It should be an opportunity to come in, ask some questions and potentially get some more one-on-one time.” This program has given students outstanding benefits that they wouldn’t have on a normal school day.

“Lion Time is a program that gives students a chance, or an opportunity, to get tutoring in the classes they’re struggling in, do homework or complete whatever they need to complete,” Mr. Gardner said. “It’s really up to the students as to what they do during that time.”

For questions regarding Lion Time and its new changes, contact Mr. Gardner at or make an appointment in the Administration office.