Fall Fashions Trends

Unlike most states, Arizona’s fall season arrives for a much shorter amount of time. That doesn’t mean we still can’t participate in fall fashion and all of the trends for the 2017 fall season. From Fall/Winter Fashion Week back in February this year, we get an idea of what’s hot and how we can incorporate these trends into our own wardrobes.

Red is back in a big way: it’s the color for fall this year based on all of the red clothes on the runway. From Givenchy to Armani to Jil Sanders, both bright and muted reds were present in the form of coats, shoes and accessories.

In a nod to the ostentatious fur coats of decades past, fur statement pieces are definitely back in style. The fashion shows for houses such as Yeezy, J.W. Anderson and Vetements all showcased fur coats that looked like they could have been bought at an estate sale.

We’ve always thought of fall as the time of more muted and severe cuts and colors, but this year glitter and sparkles are definitely in, only this time as footwear. Glitter boots, heels and even sparkly socks and stockings were also seen on the runways for Chanel and Saint Laurent, so they’re bound to trickle down to department stores.

Fashion houses also seem to be taking cues from the world of ballet. Beautiful mid-length skirts and ballet shoes were seen at Christian Dior, Loewe and Victoria Beckham to name a few. Now you can feel as graceful as a ballerina without actually having to be one.

Some students keep up with what goes on in the fashion world and use it as inspiration for their wardrobes.

“I religiously watch runway fashion, but I put most of my money into following street fashion,” senior Mia Acosta said. “For fall I love the light brown bootie with boyfriend jeans and a band tee. I love a good jumpsuit and think those and waist-tie comfy pants will definitely be making an appearance this fall.”

Retro hats, 70’s plaid, fishnets, button detailing, browns of all kinds, wide belts and velvet are all also likely to be a hot commodity this season. If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to go out and buy your fall wardrobe with these trends in mind.