Popular Student Hangouts

Looking back on high school, the places in which you built memories are the ones you will remember the most. Students spend their free time at places like East Mesa Bowling, Harkins Theater or having a virtual adventure playing arcade style games at Dave & Buster’s. It’s a great stress reliever and an opportunity to spend time with friends.

“Bowling is a fun getaway after school,” junior Duy Pham said. “It’s a cheap and worthwhile way of escaping the stresses of life and just having fun.”

Students go to many places during, before and after school. A popular location students enjoy spending time at is Red Mountain Park. It is a great place to hang out in their free time because of its lake and open fields filled with wildlife where visitors can play a multitude of sports. When at the park, students like to play sports such as basketball or soccer “I love spending time with my friends at Red Mountain Park,” senior Nathan Grogan said. “Since my schedule during school doesn’t match up with my friends’ schedules, it’s great that we can still communicate after school and shoot some hoops.”

Final Photo Student Hotspots
While attempting to score Junior Edgar Garcia is keeping the ball away from the opposing player.

Places like Dutch Donut Factory allow students to lay back and relax by providing food and a place to sit in a calm environment. Across the street, Circle K also receives a major income from students because of their famous Polar Pops.

“I get a Polar Pop almost every day,” junior Stephen Medina said. “I meet up with my friends, and we walk back to campus while enjoying the early morning breeze.”

Whether before, during or after school, Red Mountain students manage to find a place to unwind and create fun memories while making new friends in and outside school.