Senior Reflect on Their Years at Red Mountain

Over the past four years, the class of 2017 has been through countless experiences, both good and bad. As this year’s graduates get ready to say goodbye, they are beginning to reflect on the memories made and express their gratitude towards their years at Red Mountain.

“What surprised me the most about high school was how much of an influence it would have on who I am as a person,” senior Lindsay Gardner said. “The past four years in high school have hosted huge changes in my life, and each year I have learned something new that has helped me grow and better understand who I would like to be.”

Every student has their favorite year of high school, whether if it’s when they met their best friends or the year they learned the most.

“Junior year was my favorite year because I found a stable group of friends I know I’ll continue talking to even after graduation,” senior Kylie Mercer said. “I also enjoyed taking classes with seniors and learning about the things to look forward to my senior year. It was easier talking to my [senior] classmates, too, because they were able to open up to me and share their experiences.”

Meeting new people may seem challenging, but some friendships made during a student’s high school career can last a lifetime.

“I think I’ll always remember junior and senior year the most,” senior Leilani Abinosa said. “I met incredible people that I strongly connected with and made unforgettable memories with. They hold the greatest value in my heart and memories.”

Excited to attend Brigham Young University, seniors Annie Allen, Allison Newman and Emma Sewell display the BYU hand sign. (Photo courtesy of Emma Sewell)

Being involved in school activities such as sports have allowed students to create unforgettable moments.

“I’ll never forget my tennis team during my last two years at Red Mountain,” Abinosa said. “Last year, we fought our way all season and to State, and they pushed me to lengths I never thought I’d reach. I can never forget my girls, my team, my coaches or any of our hard work and achievements over the years.”

Participating in sports has given students countless opportunities to break not only school records, but their own.

“I was involved in track and field all through high school,” senior Kendly Jones said. “I was able to compete as a state-level athlete in discus. One of my best memories is pulling up to the meet we had competed at and just knowing that all my hard work has paid off.”

Because high school can be a challenge just as much as it is enjoyable, maintaining a positive attitude can be difficult without support.

“I would say my mom helped me realize the most,” senior Jazmin Park said. “She made me realize not to worry about the little things when it comes to high school. We still have so much to learn and so much ahead of us in our lives.”

Senior Reflection- Kendly Jones- 072316
Visiting her future college, senior Kendly Jones stands by the Utah State University sign. (Photo by Machelle Jones)

Although some students may feel relieved to be finished with high school, there is also a sense of nostalgia.

“It’s crazy to think we’re leaving,” Abinosa said. “But I know I’ll love and cherish the memories I made here at Red Mountain.”

Experience after experience, the class of 2017 is ready to prepare for their future and begin a new chapter in their lives.

(Featured photo by Jesus Moraila)