Native American Club

Students who join Red Mountain’s new Native American Club have the opportunity to learn more about the Native American culture while also partaking in campus and community events to help develop leadership skills. The Native American Club was rechartered in December of 2016 by a group of about 20 students, a majority of them coming from the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation. Native American students in this club can attend several college conferences throughout the year, which are intended to guide them to the opportunities specific to them.

Students in the Native American Club present during the Body Language Presentation. (Photo By Ms. Makin)

“We go on a lot of field trips to colleges,” sophomore Nikomare Nanonka said. “We went to ASU and MCC earlier this year, which helped us learn about what opportunities are available for us in the future.”

The club also conducts presentations that inform members about different events involving the Native American community.

“The Standing Rock presentation mainly informed us about the protests involving the Dakota Access Pipeline,” sophomore and club president Lawny Schurz said. “There is a huge possibility that the pipeline will break—it is also a movement that is trying to save water not only for the people on the Sioux Reservation but for the people around there.”

Through events and fundraisers, students develop a supportive community that will help them gain leadership skills over the course of the year.

“We do fundraising events,” Native American Club Adviser Ms. Makin said. “The students got together over the weekend and baked cookies and brownies. Then they held the bake sale after school—it was a nice teamwork exercise.”

The Native American Club welcomes all students to attend their informative events. However, college conferences are exclusive to Native American students only. The club meets every other Wednesday both at 7:30 a.m. in the 800 math lecture hall and 3:15 p.m. in The Commons. For more information, visit or contact Ms. Makin at or stop by at the Native American Office in The Commons.

Students in the Native American Club work on posters to prepare for Freshman Preview Night. (Photo By Ms. Makin)

(Featured Image By Ms. Makin)

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