Red Mountain’s Yearbook Distribution Event

The Yearbook Distribution Event takes place on April 28 for students who have purchased their book by April 13. One of the biggest events on campus, the yearbook distribution, is an annual celebration that allows students who pre-purchased their yearbook the opportunity to receive it before their classmates for a $1 entrance fee. Extra materials such as Sharpies, book covers and extra autograph pages will be sold. Students also have the opportunity to pay $5 for a VIP concierge service that lets them bypass the long lines.

“I can’t wait for everyone to see this year’s yearbook,” senior and managing editor Nicole Sedillo said. “We put so much dedication into it, and I know everyone will love it.”

This year, the yearbook staff chose the theme “Our Adventure Book,” based on Disney Pixar’s movie “Up.” The yearbook cover is styled after the adventure book in the movie with a vintage feel.

“Each year, we tie the distribution theme to the yearbook theme,” Yearbook Adviser Ms. Saquella said. “For example, the yearbook theme is ‘Our Greatest Adventure,’ which comes from the Disney movie ‘Up.’ The distribution event will include the movie soundtrack and ideas from the movie like lots of balloons.”

Along with the decorations, students win prizes if they find a golden ticket in their yearbook. Students also can watch a slideshow at the event featuring various pictures from the yearbook.

“I’m looking forward to people looking at the book for the first time and hearing what they have to say about it,” Yearbook Editor-In-Chief and senior Stella Proudfit said. “It just shows how our hard work pays off.”

For more information on the Yearbook Distribution Event, see Ms. Saquella in room 313.