Red Mountain Students Receive Scholarships

From a milk mustache to perfect grades, scholarships are available for anyone willing to put in the time and effort to apply.

“There are scholarships that are just based on grades and how students can get full rides into colleges. However, with grades, they have to have a high GPA, take challenging courses and be the top of the class,” senior advisor Ms. Zeper said. “For other scholarships out there that a student would be applying for, the scholarship would be looking for not only a student’s GPA but what type of person that student is and how they enrich the community of Mesa.”

Senior Jacob Payne received a full ride to Yale University through a program called Quest Bridge. Quest Bridge is a scholarship program that looks at students to see how much they have accomplished throughout high school and awards the top students with tuition money for any college. Quest Bridge gave Payne a scholarship based of his GPA, how he presents himself and how he contributes to Red Mountain and the Mesa community.

Haileyhardy-p1-final photo-payne“The two most important rules to follow are to apply early and to apply often. The more scholarships students apply to, the higher the chances a student has to receive them,” Payne said. “It’s important always to be proactive because many scholarship deadlines come sooner than the applicant thinks.”

Most scholarships award students with only small amounts of money for college. Students have to apply to many and accumulate as much scholarship and grant money as possible. Moreover, students must put in the time. For example, senior Julianna Good received a scholarship for an essay she wrote.Good_Juliana.JPG

“This essay required a lot of research,” Good said to the East Valley Tribune. “I think I spent four hours at the library one Saturday just to find the information I would use. As soon as I started researching, I was hooked on this topic.”

Universities offer scholarships to students for a number of reasons. Senior Paul Stanton was accepted into the University of Chicago and was offered financial aid based on his work ethic and financial need.JHS_6830.JPG

“They are really looking for people with a board range of skills, they are also looking for people that are not just generally qualified but have something specific that they really love and have passionate for,” Stanton said. “One of the stronger parts of my application was my portfolio because it was able to show all of the work I did over the last two years of Roar Magazine and Mind’s Eye.

There are many opportunities for scholarships. With a lot of time, effort and organization, students can earn money for college. For more information on scholarships, visit the Career Center in The Commons.

(Photo Courtesy- Jacob Payne, and SouthWest Portraits)