Red Mountain’s JazzKats Open for “The Real Group”

Who: The JazzKats What: Opening the concert for The Real Group When: Match 28, 2017 Why: To begin the concert How: By performing a set of jazz songs

Red Mountain’s own jazz choir, the JazzKats, and NAU’s choir, the High Altitudes, opened for a performance of The Real Group, an A Cappella jazz band that originated in Sweden in 1984, on March 28 in the auditorium. The Real Group performed multiple covers of popular songs.

“Performing with The Real Group was a very humbling experience,” junior Anthony Procopio said. “They were not only extremely talented, but their genuine quest to better society through music singles them out from other groups.”

The JazzKats were the first group on the stage, and at the end of the concert, they performed on stage with The Real Group singing “Freedom” by George Michael.

“It was an amazing experience to be able to perform with a professional jazz group, for me and for Red Mountain,” senior Desmond O’Connell said.

The JazzKats-Danielle Kernaghan- Blue
Performing a song, the Red Mountain Jazzkats vocalize in front of an audience. (Photo By Danielle Kernaghan)

The JazzKats are one of the many music electives students can sign up for in the performing arts department. However, it does require an audition. The JazzKats only have been around for one year.

“My favorite thing about JazzKats is how it allows me to push myself as a vocalist. Before I joined choir, I knew next to nothing about jazz,” senior Juliana Good said. “It really opened doors for me as far as finding my vocal style and building musical styles like improvisations and sight-reading.”

The JazzKats had been preparing for this performance since the beginning of February. They perform prearranged jazz songs and add their own unique jazzy tones to each cover.

“A lot of the time though we can switch it up by adding some tempos or adding scat solos and changing dynamics to make it our own,” senior Kristen Woods said.

The JazzKats performance with the High Altitudes and The Real Group was a hit in with the audience. To get more information about the JazzKats, contact Mr. Johnston in Room 401.

(Featured Image By Danielle Kernaghan)