Where Students Meet Up

Where do students go to relax and meet up with friends after school? Some students like to spend time with their friends before or after school getting food at places such as Geno’s Pizza and Little Caesars or going to coffee places such as Starbucks and Dutch Bros.
“For me, Dutch coffee provides a dose of caffeine that activates my brain and gives me an exhilarating amount of energy,” sophomore Amy Gomez Moreno said. “I highly recommended starting your morning with an Electric Berry Green Tea.”
For most students, the school lunches do not provide enough food for them to be fully satisfied. This is why heading for a slice of pizza after school is a must. It’s affordable and well worth the wait.
“Going to Geno’s after school is an escape from the stress of school and is a great way to communicate with friends,” sophomore Rodrigo Maldonado Gomez said. “My friends and I just like to hang out with a slice of pizza.”
Outside of restaurants, another location students enjoy going to is the gym. The gym is a place where students go to stay fit and relieve themselves from the stress of life and school. Students also choose to exercise because it helps them achieve physical fitness, which, alongside a balanced diet, is necessary to a healthy lifestyle.
“I like to go to the gym to work out and hang with my friends,” junior Jose Romero Machorro said. “It’s a great form of exercise with my friends and to feel more motivated.
Wherever they choose to go, students enjoy their favorite places before and after school to escape the stress of homework, relax and spend time with friends.

(Benching his daily reps Junior Jose Romero takes a break from school to hit the gym and work out. Photo By Isaac Noriega)

Junior Jose romero completes his daily routine
Benching his dailey reps Junior Jose Romero takes a break from school to hit the gym and work out

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